Topzorg Oost tv series


Hospital Group Twente (ZGT) and Deventer Hospital asked Medical Media House to develop a TV series about the innovations in hospital care in Overijssel. This meant not only providing a format and the complete production of the series, but also finding a good broadcasting platform for the final product. After all, a series like that deserves a lot of exposure.


Medical Media House contacted local broadcaster RTV Oost who responded to our format with great enthusiasm. We then handled the programme editing. We focused mainly on the healthcare innovations at ZGT and Deventer Hospital and regional relevance. We took care of the music and graphic design, shot the footage in and outside the hospitals, did the editing and added a pleasant voiceover. We produced 10 18-minute episodes in total entitled Top Care East.


The viewer ratings showed that TV is still a popular medium. 280,000 people watched the series in Overijssel, and 621,000 nation-wide. An additional 10,667 viewers watched the episodes online via RTV Oost’s website. The hospitals as well as the broadcasters were pleasantly surprised at these ratings.

Project overview