About us

Medical Media House,

Top-notch Medical Production Company!

Medical Media House specializes in the creation and production of medical video content. Our vast experience in this field enables us to handle any specific request regarding the options for and the production and application of video content in the medical- and mental healthcare sector.

Hospitals and other care facilities are justifiably cautious when it comes to giving permission to film. Hygiene as well as the privacy and safety of patients and staff play an important role in this. When patients are admitted to hospital they often feel nervous and insecure, and programme makers who work in this environment need to be particularly socially astute and sensitive to this.


In 2010, programme makers Rik Dalhuisen (1975) and Mark van Geersaem (1970) joined forces after working in the national media and corporate industry for many years.

They were involved in the production of national medical TV programmes including:

Vinger aan de Pols, Chirurgenwerk, TraumaCentrum, Het Kinderziekenhuis, Afslag UMC, Het Academisch ziekenhuis, De polikliniek and many other titles in the public and commercial broadcasting world.

Media Production Company Medical Media House has since grown into a solid, reliable and creative partner in the high-end video production industry.

Our team

Medical Media House works closely with a big team of freelancers who are all experts in the healthcare industry and who can be deployed quickly and regularly. Our team includes directors, camera workers, editors, and technicians, all of them with ample experience in the production of medical video content.