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Experience matters!

Medical Media House is the one and only medical video producer in the Netherlands. What makes us unique is that we produce video content solely for the medical- and healthcare industry. Medical Media House has been telling stories through the medium of film for many years, always with a great deal of dedication, passion and involvement.



MMH delivers video content in many shapes and forms, especially for the medical and healthcare industry. We provide complete productions in the following areas:

- concept & creation

- information video

- product video

- company video

- instruction video

- animated videos

- tv productions

- livestream

- virtual reality (VR) 360 degree video



Concept & creation

A successful production always begins with a good concept. A good video is both original and memorable, but most importantly, it is effective.

We factor in the desired effect of the video, the target group, but also the channels that will be used to distribute it.

Making videos is team work. With our many years of experience we strive to work together to achieve a strong final concept that is original, effective, contemporary and efficient.


Information video

Video is the most efficient and contemporary communication tool used to educate and inform target groups. This might be a video about a treatment or product, or even a hospital procedure. What is the patient likely to experience during a hospital admission and an operation?

Our experts are eager to produce a catchy and effective information video for your organisation. We have all the necessary facilities available to get to work quickly. In recent years we have produced various information videos for hospitals, among others. We have worked for the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, Radboud Hospital, ZGT, CWZ, Rijnland Zorggroep, AVL-NKI, and the Hartwig Medical Foundation.


Company video

We produce a wide variety of medical company videos, ranging from short promos (such as an introduction to an event), aftermovies, mood videos, production process videos, video testimonials (by medical specialists, nurses, staff members or patients) to international promotional videos.

Medical Media House is highly flexible when it comes to planning shoots, editing and delivery times. This is because we have the proper professionals and facilities at our disposal. Being a leading expert in medical video content, we never lose sight of the specific goals associated with medical company videos.


Instruction video

Who still reads manuals and user guides these days when there are clear instruction videos available?

The type of medical instruction video hugely depends on the product or service in question. An instruction film can contain video images and/or an animation to explain matters that are difficult to capture on camera.

How should a drug be taken? What are the staff protocols in and around an operating theatre? What should a patient on home dialysis take into account? What are the user guidelines for a prosthesis? These are all topics that are suitable for an instruction video production.



 An infographic, educational or instructive animation? Animated videos are an excellent way to explain complex matters or systems. When they are related to the human body, for instance. This can be done through an infographic, an educational animation or an instruction animation.

We have the right experts at our disposal for writing the best animation scripts, as well as motion designers who can transform concepts into catchy and visually attractive motion graphics.


TV productions

The professionals behind Medical Media House have many years of experience in the production of medical TV series for national broadcasters.

Despite the rise of online video, television remains the best viewed medium with an enormous reach. This makes it is an excellent way of enhancing brand recognition or conveying a message to the public.

MMH provided the complete production process of two regional TV series for Overijssel broadcasting company RTV Oost. We covered the entire trajectory, including editing footage, final cuts, report edits, in short everything involved in the production of a TV series.