“Registratie aan de bron”


Imagine if all healthcare providers had instant access to their patients’ basic medical records, and all they needed to do was check if it was up to date... All medical records should be accessible, available, recyclable and exchangeable to improve healthcare coordination.

‘Recording at the Source’ is a national platform for healthcare providers that allows them to record all patients’ medical data in a standard, uniform manner.

This national platform wouldn’t be able to exist without a number of healthcare professionals with guts. That’s why they should be put in the spotlight – to demonstrate how they contribute to a complete healthcare information system that is accessible for all patients and healthcare professionals at all times.



To reinforce the story behind Recording at the Source, four video portraits of healthcare providers with a leading role were produced. These so-called ‘Healthcare Professionals With Guts’ offer the viewer insight into their view on improving the healthcare system. Each professional in their own workplace and in their own personal way.

One of them is Dr Lieke Welling, project leader at LUMC hospital and Surgeon-Oncologist.


The videos are widely used to inspire healthcare professionals and encourage them to help build an improved data of patients’ medical records and consequently a better functioning healthcare system.

The videos were received with great enthusiasm and are widely used by umbrella organisations and the Dutch Ministry of Health.

Project overview