Prostate surgery livestream

“I never expected there to be so many viewers. I found it a very valuable way to provide a wide audience with good, clear information."

Urologist Saskia Stomps


Watch an operation live, ask questions directly and get lots of information. That’s what ZGT hospitals Almelo and Hengelo wanted to offer people through their livestream video.

Filming in an operating theatre requires a specific working method. You must comply with the hospital’s strict hygiene regulations and honour the privacy of the patient. Medical Media House knows better than anyone else how to play by these important rules.



Urologists Herman Roelink and Saskia Stomps answered viewers’ questions live during the operation. During the four hour-livestream the surgeons removed a prostate using the Da Vinci robot.

The prostate surgery was filmed using four cameras and a mobile production set. Viewers used special email addresses and Twitter to ask questions. Doctors answered these questions live from within the operating theatre.


Around 25,000 people in total watched the livestream, and the hospital received a lot of positive feedback. Afterwards it turned out more than 2,000 questions were asked. Some of them even came from abroad. "There were some really good questions”, hospital staff commented. “Questions about the procedure as well as the condition itself. And then there were questions like: What does that robot do? What is that tube for? The whole range."

The operation was announced through several national media channels. The Algemeen Dagblad and RTL News published the ZGT website link.

Medical Media House produced several livestream broadcasts from the OR for different hospitals.

Project overview