Pluryn ‘Jij bent Okay’ information video


Pluryn offers services in disabled care and youth care on national and regional levels. Pluryn asked Medical Media House to produce a video about their 'You’re Okay’ programme.

There are various standard interventions for normally intelligent children of parents with psychiatric and/or addiction problems. Now, there is also one for children with slight mental disabilities, entitled ‘You’re Okay’.

The ‘You’re Okay’ programme includes an (adapted) group intervention for children and an online self-help course for parents. The goal is to raise a sense of competence in both parents and children by helping them set up their own support network.


Seeking help is often difficult step for these parents. To lower that threshold, we wanted to make a video that the viewer can relate to. Finding a way to connect to their world was essential for this video to have effect. That is why we chose to film a real case: A portrait of a representative family in a recognizable situation.



The video is played at information meetings and in conversations with parents.

Project overview