HiX information video


There has been a lot of commotion in the national press around the introduction of digital patient files. The big paper files written in that notorious doctor’s handwriting have made way for a digital copy, and it’s not just the patients who’ve had to get used to that. It has proved to be a huge transition for doctors and nurses as well, and there has been some initial hesitation.

Hix by Chipsoft has provided hospitals with a fully integrated and innovative electronic patient record system. This offers healthcare providers a total package which benefits patient-oriented treatment and registration procedures.

Before Hix goes live, Canisius Wilhelmina Ziekenhuis (CWZ) would like to inspire doctors and nurses to start working with this new method. The aim of the video is to take away the initial hesitation.


The camera follows a patient from admission to discharge. The various applications of the HiX system are used in each stage. An enthusiastic young narrator provides additional information where necessary. The CWZ staff members involved in developing the HiX system play an important role in this video. They tell their colleagues about the advantages of HiX that they are experiencing.


The video helps nurses at the CWZ to see the advantages of working digitally. The introduction of this new method has made the hospital ready for the future.

Project overview