CWZ mood video ambitions

In an uptempo, atmospheric mood video, CWZ hospital in Nijmegen shows its ambitions for the years to come. The video is constructed from footage we have collected over years of shooting in this welcoming hospital.


Every year, CWZ looks again at the ambitions it sets for itself where its patient care is concerned. Of course, you can write those ambitions down in a hefty report, but you can also show them! And that's where we came in. Medical Media House was asked to develop a mood video based on existing visual material. The video had to be able to be used at trade fairs, conferences, social media and other media channels.


To move people with a film, you need to ensure identification with your target audience. To achieve that, we chose to include a mix of people in the video, from doctor to nurse, from healthcare professional to patient, and from young to old. Very deliberately, as little was staged as possible. Titles organically incorporated into the video emphasize a number of important ambitions CWZ pursues.


A realistic and dynamic impression of the atmosphere in the CWZ hospital. Through the reality approach, the film arouses sympathy: the viewer gets an honest picture of situations that anyone can encounter at any time of the day at CWZ. In addition, the images underline the ambitions CWZ has set for itself.



Project overview