CWZ Emergency Unit promotion video


Many hospitals in our country deal with a high turnover of nurses in their emergency departments. Nurses come and go or are transferred to other departments within the hospital. In their attempt to find a structural solution to this problem, Canisius Wilhelmina Hospital in Nijmegen wanted to make an inspirational video to recruit new staff. The goal is to show the video at exhibitions, conferences, on social media and other media channels.


To move people with a video you need to find a way to identify with your target group. We tried to achieve this by filming two nurses during their shifts in the emergency department. In between work activities they talk about their work in the department and the culture within CWZ. We made a conscious choice not to act anything.



A realistic, dynamic impression of the nurses’ work and their workplace. The reality approach evokes compassion, and the viewer gets an honest impression of what CWZ expects from its nurses.

Project overview