Hartwig promotional video

"Mark and Rik at Medical Media House produced a powerful video for Hartwig Medical Foundation.

Their experience in healthcare resulted in both the patients and professionals involved in making the video feeling comfortable and understood. This in turn enabled them to transform our complicated and technical message into a profound, heartfelt video."

Hans van Snellenburg - chief executive officer Hartwig Medical Foundation


Hartwig Medical Foundation gathers genetic and clinical data of cancer patients all over the Netherlands in one national database. They do this in collaboration with the Center for Personalized Cancer Treatment. The data is available for research purposes to improve the treatment of cancer patients in the future. Hartwig Medical Foundation asked us to produce an information video about cancer care in the future. The goal of the film is to inform patients and raise funds for further research.


Medical Media House wanted to elucidate the data collection process, from biopsies to DNA-based tests. Our objective was to make a video that was personal and not too technical. Thus, besides doctors and scientists, patients played a major role in the video.


The video gives a realistic and dynamic impression of the work that is carried out by Hartwig and CPCT, while never losing sight of the relevance to the target group: the patients.


Project overview