Echo Pharmaceuticals animated video


Medical Media House has considerable experience in the production of medical animations. Whether it’s relatively basic 2D infographics, complex 3D animations or motion graphics, we can do it all! A prime example of this is our 3D animation about the use and effects of Namisol, an analgesic manufactured by Echo Pharmaceuticals B.V.


Echo Pharmaceuticals wanted to visualise how Namisol, an oral tablet, disintegrates in the stomach, is then absorbed by the digestive system and transported to the brain via the blood. There, it latches onto the synapse where it reduces and slows down the pain signal.



The animation is part of an elaborate presentation. For that reason, the animation was split into two parts.

Medical Media House has produced medical animations for many clients, including MSD/Organon and Labyrint, a VPRO/NTR TV programme.

Project overview